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Grim is the first publishing project by Anatomy of a Scream. Grim is an independent, biannual digital and print journal that showcases the voices of women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC writers and creators. Each volume features essays, reviews, analyses, interviews, and short fiction contributed by a variety of talented and enthusiastic writers.

Issues are released February 1st and September 1st. 

Read it here:

Grim No. 9 – Contagion  Digital. Print.

Grim No. 8 1/2 – We’re Here (FRIGHTGOWN digital-exclusive mini-editionPrint.

Grim No. 8 – Blood is Thicker  Digital. Print.

Grim No. 7 – Teenage Wasteland  Digital. Print.

Grim No. 6 – Memento Mori  Digital. Print.

Grim No. 5 – Living Dead Girls  Digital. Print.

Grim No. 4 – Our Bodies, Our Hells  Digital. Print.

Grim No. 3 – Ghost Worlds  Digital. Print.

Grim No. 2 – Mascara & Machetes  Digital.  Print.

Grim No. 1 – Cinematic Witches  Digital.  Print.

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How can I pitch a piece for a future issue, place a free spooky classified ad, or send in a question for Grim‘s resident advice columnist?

Reach us through our Contact Form!

How can I run an ad in Grim?  

Send an enquiry through our Contact Form and we will send you information!

Is there a way to subscribe to the magazine?

We’re looking at viable subscription options for the future. In the meantime, hop on our mailing list for pre-order notifications.

How else can I help support the magazine?

Word of mouth is always appreciated! Encourage your friends to check out our digital issues (or print if they prefer the tactile route!) Share links to our digital issues on social media, post pics of your print issues, give us shout-outs—there are a ton of ways to show Grim love, and we appreciate all of them! ❤

Can I follow Grim on social media?

You sure can! We have a Grim twitter account: @thisisgrimmag (and follow @aoas_xx while you’re at it!)

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