In this pre-launch episode for Out To Get You Podcast, Margot Mutter and fantasy literature academic Becca/Bex Gault sink their teeth into the themes of power and cycles of abuse of Bit (2019).

C/W: This episode contains discussions of rape and sexual violence, drug abuse, kidnapping, suicide, homophobia and transphobia, and other themes that may be sensitive for listeners. 

Caveat: This episode was recorded on January 10th, 2023, which seems like a world away for the trans people in your lives. Since that day, 44 more trans people have been murdered simply for the crime of existing. This year is already proving heartbreaking and fatal for our community. While this podcast is for entertainment, it is impossible to completely decouple ourselves from the campaigns of violence we face, in the streets we live and in the legislatures which paint us as unfit and as threats to society, as well as the resulting anguish and rage they continue to produce. We ask that you consider your emotional and mental health before engaging with this episode.

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