In this episode, Chandler returns to his solo review format with the first full episode of The Good, The Agreeable, and The Beautiful. This time he’s dissecting and reviewing James Wan’s most recent horror classic, Malignant (2021)!

This has been a fairly contentious film, to say the least, so allow Chandler to explore the complexities of argumentation and subjectivity. This episode contains discussions of taste vs observation, taste vs expectations, and, of course, aesthetics!

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Beauty of Horror

Works discussed

Malignant: A Weird Gender-Queer Nightmare on

John Green on Insidious

The Good, The Agreeable, & The Beautiful episode 0: Hellraiser

  • Music by Karl Casey (White Bat Audio)
  • Cover Art designed by JRGDrawing
  • Edited by Aviva Dassen

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