Grim No. 9 – Contagion is now available!

Spread the word! Our Summer/Fall 2021 issue, Grim No. 9 – Contagion, is infecting—err, capturing—hearts and minds of horror fans worldwide, one download at a time.

Grab your digital issue for free above or order a print copy here.

This issue tackles the timely theme of ‘contagion’ through a dizzying number of angles, including pieces on political riots, inceldom, and the #MeToo movement; the violence of rhetoric and failure of good intentions in McDonald’s Pontypool; mob mentality and bullying in Gabriadze’s Unfriended; ties between grief and cultdom in Aster’s Midsommar and Kusama’s The Invitation; the virality of digital legendry in Kurosawa’s Pulse; gender and paranoia in Carpenter’s The Thing and Garland’s Annihilation; and so much more!

(If you want some mood music to listen to while you dig into your digital or print copy, our Grim No. 9 mixtape on Spotify is pretty infectious!)

Our cover art was created by the immensely talented CC Stapleton—find her work on Instagram @cc.stapleton. Editor Andy Helmkamp and proofreader Rebecca Booth made this issue possible through their talent, dedication, and hard work. Curation, editing, design, and layout by Valeska Griffiths.

Thank you so much to everyone who believes in Grim. We are thrilled and grateful for your interest in our inclusive little horror journal!