This episode focuses on writer/director Wes Craven before his status as horror maestro. Though the film plays like a nasty, loose-cannon experiment, The Last House On The Left was an incredibly personal script. To gain insight into the state of mind guiding the project, we hear from the man himself through various interviews about this film and horror in general.

Mick Garris’s Post Mortem is featured heavily throughout the recording. Craven’s final interview on the show was a valuable source.

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Post Mortem interview:

“Fairytales for the Apocalypse,” the 1985 print interview with Craven by Christopher Sharett is lamentably not readily accessible but it is available to read on JSTOR

Sean Blumenshine’s review for The Fireworks Woman was also a great resource.

Music used:

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dustmotes – “Dead Inside”

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