White Ladies in Crisis is podcast dedicated to media depicting (white) women in over their heads or spiralling.

For season 1, hosts Gena Radcliffe (Kill By Kill Podcast), Jenn Adams (PsychoAnalysis and Loser’s Club Podcasts) and Joe Lipsett (Horror Queers Podcast) are tackling S1 of AppleTV’s Physical starring Rose Byrne. 

In episode one, they discuss their relationship to 80s shows, Sheila’s eating disorder, her shitty husband and Craig Gillespie’s strong direction.

Episode 2 is heavily dedicated to discussions about just how awful Sheila’s shitty husband Danny is.

Plus: Joe is surprised by Sheila’s education, Jenn laments the lack of female friendships (blame the Patriarchy!) and Gena praises the lack of origin story about Sheila’s eating disorder. 

Also: are Tyler and Bunny brother and sister?!

Episode 3 tackles the show’s female trifecta: Sheila, Bunny and Greta, who has a powerful response to Sheila’s new aerobics class.

Plus: John Breem’s (possibly Mormon) background, missing Tyler, more questions about money and actually feeling sorry for Danny? What is going on here?!

Wanna connect with the show?

  • Gena: @porcelain72
  • Jenn: @jennferatu
  • Joe: @bstolemyremote

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