On this episode of The Beauty of Horror, Chandler talks with horror writer, fan, and close personal friend, Justin Drabek. CW: Trauma and Child Abuse.

The two dive deep into the darkness that lurks within Mike Flanagan’s brilliant Stephen King adaptation of Doctor Sleep (2019). They talk about trauma, energy vampirism, empathy, and, of course, aesthetics!

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Music by Karl Casey (White Bat Audio)

Cover Art designed by JRGDrawing

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Chandler’s Disclaimer: At one point I make reference to the Israel/Palestine conflict as an example for how viewpoints can be formed through the act of making people and things abstract in our minds.

In hindsight, I see a major issue with how I only focused on the violence raging against Palestinians at the moment, and failed to reference the rise in antisemitism that has followed from the discourse around this topic. I want to make it perfectly clear that racially driven hate of any kind is unacceptable, and that the blame lies in the individuals who spread and/or act on such hate. I support Palestine in the politically driven violence taking place against their people, AND I support the Jewish population that is suffering at the hands of misguided hate thrown their way as if they are directly involved with the actions of any particular government or military.

Stopping race hate starts with you.