Today’s episode is all about young adult ghost stories! Host Jessica Scott discusses two recent favorites: Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas and The Dark Beneath the Ice by Amelinda Bérubé.

She discusses the value of queer representation in fiction, what subgenres she wants to cover next, and the insidiousness of the moody teenage girl stereotype.

Topics include: the validity of showing emotion, the bravery of living as your authentic self when your family doesn’t understand you, and authors who engage all of the readers’ senses.


  • 00:19 Introduction
  • 03:12 Cemetery Boys synopsis and discussion of queer representation in YA fiction
  • 12:00 The Dark Beneath the Ice spoiler warning, synopsis, and discussion of the misogyny that teen girls face
  • 23:20 Wrap-up and discussion of future subgenres to be featured on the show

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