This week’s episode of Monster Books is all about middle grade ghost stories! Host Jessica Scott covers twice as many books as usual:

  • City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab
  • A Properly Unhaunted Place by William Alexander
  • Scary Stories for Young Foxes by Christian McKay Heidicker; and
  • Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

Jessica still dives deep in this episode, though, asking listeners to help her believe in ghosts and to join her in facing the harsh realities of life.

Topics include: grief, mortality, how horror prepares you for life, why scarecrows are so terrifying, and the awful truth about Beatrix Potter.


  • 00:19 Introduction
  • 00:52 City of Ghosts review and discussion
  • 06:02 A Properly Unhaunted Place review and discussion
  • 11:06 Scary Stories for Young Foxes review and discussion
  • 16:41 Small Spaces review and discussion
  • 21:30 Wrap-up and examination of why middle grade horror fiction is often darker than many people expect

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Thanks to Drew Pidgeon for the amazing music and Lily Todorov for the incredible cover art!