This week’s episode is all about demons with a look at two of host Jessica Scott’s favourite books:

  1. The Good Demon by Jimmy Cajoleas is a YA Southern Gothic tale about a girl who misses her demon, and
  2. Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez is a lush middle grade graphic novel about a young artist’s insecurities

Jessica delves into the ways that the books subvert the traditional possession narrative and what they have to say about the fear and loneliness inherent in humanity.

Finally, Jessica talks about what stories about demons tell us about our lifelong struggles to understand our own identities. She also give shout-outs to her favourite visual artists working today and explain why you shouldn’t be ashamed to read graphic novels or picture books!


  • 00:29 Overview of the appeal of possession stories
  • 02:05 The Good Demon review and discussion
  • 11:01 Nightlights review and discussion
  • 23:03 Wrap-up with discussion of why demons are such a good topic for children’s books

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