Are you interested in giving money to support Black political and community groups, health organizations, artists and creators, and/or bail funds, but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of Canadian and American organizations currently accepting donations.

If you really want to help but are only able to make a tiny donation due to COVID-19-related financial hardship, remember: many other people are in the same boat, and all of these tiny donations do add up. Your small donation absolutely matters. You can also help out by emailing politicians, signing petitions, sharing links, amplifying Black voices and projects, and attending protests if you feel safe to do so.

This flashpoint may be a moment in history that leads to incredible change. As protests have swept across the world, police reform has become a viable and urgent topic of conversation, and defunding and abolition are on the table in several areas. And, of course, new charges have been laid against the cops who cold-bloodedly murdered George Floyd.

Keep this fire burning.

Donate. Sign. Protest. Share. Vote. Stand.

Black Lives Matter.


Community & Political Organizations:

Black Lives Matter Toronto

Black Lives Matter Vancouver

National Congress of Black Women Foundation

Across Boundaries

Black Women in Motion

Black Liberation Collective

Black Health Alliance

Hogan’s Alley Society

Africa Centre

Black Space Winnipeg

Côte-des-Neiges Black Community Association

North End Opportunities Fund

Funds & Legal Aid:

COVID-19 Black Emergency Support Fund

Black Lives Matter Solidarity Fund Nova Scotia

Justice for Regis

Black Legal Action Centre

Legal Aid Ontario

Legal Aid British Columbia

PEI Community Legal Information

Legal Aid Manitoba


The Black Coalition of Quebec

Arts, Culture & Education:

Toronto Black Film Festival

Halifax Black Film Festival

Montreal International Black Film Festival

The Remix Project

Never Was Average

Nia Centre for the Arts

Obsidian Theatre Company

Black Boys Code

Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia


Community & Political Organizations:

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Boston

Black Lives Matter Chicago

Black Lives Matter Detroit

Black Lives Matter DC

Black Lives Matter LA

Black Lives Matter Lansing

Black Lives Matter Nashville

Black Lives Matter Philly

The Movement for Black Lives

Black Visions Collective

North Star Health Collective

Say Her Name

Unicorn Riot

The New Georgia Project

American Civil Liberties Union

Southern Poverty Law Center

Funds & Legal Aid:

The Bail Project

National Bail Fund Network

National Bail Out

Protest & COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

Atlanta Solidarity Fund

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Chicago Community Bond Fund

400+1 Bail Fund

Baltimore Action Legal Team

The Detroit Bail Project

Florida Bail Fund

Kansas City Community Bail Fund

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Montgomery Bail Out

Nashville Bail Fund

New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund

Philadelphia Bail Fund

Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh

PDX Protest Bail Fund

Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund

NorCal Resist Activist Bail & ICE Bond Fund

Northwest Community Bail Fund

Vegas Freedom Fund

George Floyd Memorial Fund

Arts, Education & Culture:

Black Futures Fund

Black Girl Magik

Black Trans Femmes in the Arts


Art Hoe Collective / donate:

Black Lunch Table

By Us For Us

The Black Youth Project



Idle No More

Rainbow Refugee

Planned Parenthood

Action Canada

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the funds, organizations, and groups currently accepting donations. Feel free to drop additional links in the comments section, and we will update the list as needed.