Doing social isolation right: co-watching films with friends.
Doing social isolation wrong: everything that happens in The Lighthouse (2019).

Big news: Anatomy of a Scream and Daily Grindhouse are teaming up for our first ever co-watch party! Join us as we watch and discuss a harrowing (and often hilarious) example of what NOT to do while socially isolating: Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse! Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson turn in powerhouse performances in this desolation masterpiece.

Is it really bad luck to kill a seabird?
Is Eggers’ mermaid design anatomically correct?
Is Pattinson really fond of Dafoe’s lobster?

We’ll dive into these and other important questions during the #DailyScreamHouse co-watch on April 17th at 9pm Eastern! Tune in, follow the hashtag, and spill yer beans!

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