Adolescent horror has long been a lucrative and popular segment of horror entertainment, spanning a wide range of subgenres and media. While teenaged and young adult horror fans consume and enjoy a wide range of horror texts, films such as Teen Wolf (1985), The Faculty (1998), Idle Hands (1999), Cherry Falls (2000), It Follows (2014), Unfriended (2014), Happy Death Day (2017) and many others target younger audiences through casting and thematic choices. 

Our September 2020 issue will focus on adolescent horror; this includes horror films, television programs, novels, comics, and videogames featuring teen or young adult characters, or plots that tie into teen or young adult themes. We encourage pitches touching on campus slashers, millennial/digital horror, coming-of-age stories, teen monster tales, post-apocalypse narratives, and any other texts that explore the horrific or macabre from an adolescent perspective. 

Desired topics include:

  • An overview of heroines of colour in teen horror cinema (in expanded listicle or essay form)
  • Social media and surveillance in millennial horror narratives
  • Teen Witch to Young Dracula: the rise of classic horror figures’ youthful counterparts
  • A critical look at the feminism (or not) of sorority-based horror films 
  • Bullying and revenge narratives on-screen (potential films could inc. Carrie (1976) and Unfriended (2014))
  • Growing up post-apocalypse: exploring complicated adolescence (potential texts could inc. Zombieland 2 (2019) & The Walking Dead universe)
  • Adolescent sexuality, queerness, and transformation (potential films could inc. Ginger Snaps (2000) and Blue My Mind (2017)) 
  • The evolution of campus slasher films (potential films could inc. Black Christmas and its remakes)
  • Damning ‘The Man’: the critique of authority in teen horror 
  • The ‘Gay Best Friend’: queer stereotypes in teen horror cinema (in expanded listicle or essay form)
  • Playable horror: the teen slasher tropes of Until Dawn (2015)

If you have an analysis, interview, or listicle you’d like to pitch, please reach us via the Contact Form and provide a brief overview of your topic, an estimated word count, and a link to relevant writing samples. Pitches may be submitted until March 15th. The final draft deadline will be June 15th. (As always, we’d especially love to hear from writers who identify as female, queer, trans, and/or BIPOC.)

Stay spooky, loves!