We have good news and bad news.

Bad news first: the October issue of Grim is going to be postponed, most likely until February 1st, our next scheduled release date. The magazine will also likely change from a 3-times-per-year publishing schedule to a twice-per-year schedule. Putting together a magazine of this quality so often with only one permanent team member is unsustainable (particularly when the team member is juggling multiple other jobs and dealing with family health issues). Sincere apologies to everyone looking forward to reading a new issue in October and to the contributors who submitted their pieces by the deadline (we truly appreciate you and still look forward to publishing your pieces in the February issue!)

The good news: the delay and reduced publishing schedule will help maintain the level of quality that you’ve come to expect from the magazine—and likely even raise it, as the stress reduction and more forgiving schedule will make the process easier and fun again.

As truly passionate as we are about our mission to showcase important perspectives in horror writing and criticism, the mental health of our team comes first. The last few months have been very challenging. Thank you for your understanding and support ❤