Grim No. 4 – Our Bodies, Our Hells is now available!

Happy Women in Horror Month, everyone! Grim No. 4 – Our Bodies, Our Hells has been unleashed! Download your digital issue for free, or pick up your own print copy here.

Thank you so much to all of the backers of our Indiegogo campaign for believing in Grim and giving us much-needed support. Thank you to everyone who shared our campaign on social media and helped raise awareness of the project. Thank you to everyone who offered valuable advice, shoulders to lean on, and endless encouragement.

And thank you to our sponsors, who stepped forward to support our voices:

Thank you to our platinum sponsor, the short film A Fistful of Molars, a toothy tale of whimsy and blood by award-winning Toronto-based filmmaker and photographer Ryan Couldrey.

Thank you to Berlin-based artist Jessica Holt, whose macabre oil and digital artworks reflect the darker side of nature and humanity. Follow her on twitter @JessFonk!

Want to sponsor, support, advertise in, or pitch for June’s issue? Reach us via our Contact Form!