Zombies have an interesting cultural, sociopolitical, and cinematic history. They’ve been tied to capitalism, transhumanism, globalism, and communism. They’ve been linked to fear of the Other and of catastrophic epidemics. They’ve experienced waves of popularity, evolved from shamblers to rage-fuelled runners to fungal husks, and have invaded popular television shows such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Our June 2019 issue will focus on the figure of the zombie. We’re looking for pitches that examine the role of zombies in popular culture and history. Film, television, literature, videogames, music…if it’s mindlessly seeking fresh brains, we’re interested.

(As always, we’d especially love to hear from writers who identify as female, queer, trans, Indigenous, and/or WOC. )

If you have an analysis or listicle you’d like to pitch, please reach us via the Contact Form and give a brief overview of your topic and a link to relevant writing samples. We’ll be collecting pitches until February 15th!

We can’t wait to hear from you!