The self described “badass genre film festival” showcasing the best of independent horror cinema, the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival returns for a third year of screenings and live events in Brooklyn, NY from Oct 11-18, 2018.

Anatomy of a Scream is very excited to offer remote coverage of the festival, so we’ve selected four of our most anticipated offerings:


Starfish (A.T. White, 2018)

Stricken with grief, Aubrey is having a difficult time coping with the death of her best friend, Grace. To combat the overwhelming sadness, she breaks into Grace’s apartment and quietly picks up where her late friend left off, caring for her pets and using her possessions, not to mention sleeping in her bed. The next morning, though, everything’s changed. The streets outside are desolate, fires engulf the city, and people are being attacked by something inhuman. There’s only one person who can potentially save the world: Aubrey, thanks to clues found on mixtapes left by Grace.

Party Hard, Die Young (Dominik Hartl, 2018)

To celebrate graduating from high school, Julia and her classmates take off for a party-resort in Croatia to experience the banger to end all bangers. As the epic party rages on, Julia’s best friend Jessica mysteriously disappears leaving nothing but a suspicious text and a Snapchat photo with her face scratched out. Then another friend slips off a roof to her death—and Julia receives another Snapchat photo. Uh oh.


The Clovehitch Killer (Duncan Skiles, 2018)

Young churchgoing boy scout Tyler’s reputation takes a hit when his crush finds a pornographic bondage picture in his dad’s truck, believing it to be his. Ostracized from his group of friends, he falls in with Kassi, a teenage orphan obsessed with the Clovehitch Killer, a serial killer with a penchant for the clove hitch knot who once terrorized their town and was never found. After discovering more photos hidden in his dad’s work shed he’s left to fear the worst.


Slayed: LGBT Horror Shorts

Representing the underrepresented, this collection of divinely crafted queer shorts mines chills from unexpected places, such as a close-minded church community, a sinister artist, and an erotically haunting dreamland, to explore connection and love through a horror lens.

  • The Sermon, dir. Dean Puckett (United Kingdom)
  • Disposition, dir. Eric Thirteen (USA)
  • Payment, dir. Ben Larned (USA)
  • Instinct, dir. Maria Arida (USA)
  • Islands, dir. Yann Gonzalez (France)

The full schedule of films, as well ticket information, can be found on the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival website here.