Maple Syrup

On a whim yesterday, for Canada Day, I challenged Twitter to pitch a 280 character plot synopsis for a fictitious Canadian horror film called Maple Syrup Massacre. Here are the five best responses that folks came up with (in no particular order):

I love the idea of a World Lumberjack Cup so, SO much! Kudos to Scriptophobic creator Zack Long for coming up with that one.

All horror films, particularly ones set in rural or wooded areas, should include scenes involving wood chippers. Kudos to The Smash List writer Smash Traves for the compelling visual imagery of “thick, hot, golden sap.”

Bloody Good Horror writer Andrew Roebuck offered a few different proposals, but a 50s-inspired creature feature about giant beavers is so instantly iconic that it simply had to be featured. This would make for a lovely, silly little B-movie.

Chris Vander kaay, co-author of The Anatomy of Fear: Conversations with Cult Horror and Science-Fiction Filmmakers and host of the Screenification podcast on Scriptophobic, also submitted several pitches. This one, a mash-up of The Bridge meets The Predator, immediately generated a bunch of likes. I could easily imagine it as a multi-season television series on Canadian national broadcaster CBC.

Finally, Alex Heeney of Seventh Row dipped into a real life dark chapter of Canadian history to propose a film based on residential schools and the Sixties Scoop:

This is a rather sobering reminder of the horrible mistreatment of Indigenous peoples in Canada that still remains overlooked, underdiscussed and frequently unacknowledged. Kudos to Alex for highlighting the problematic nature of celebrating a colonial, settler-centric national holiday that deliberately excludes the history and narratives of Indigenous peoples.

Big thanks to everyone for playing along! This proved to be a fun exercise and reminded me how playful the horror/Twitter community can be. Perhaps we can do this again some time…