In anticipation of Grim Magazine’s second issue and drawing on Save Horror’s incredibly successful annual tradition, we have created a slasher movie bracket! 16 films – eight from the 70s/80s and eight from the 90s/00s – go head to head over a two-week period (May 14-30, 2018). None of the big five franchises. No sequels or remakes. No easy decisions.

Each day, a new round opens, until only one slasher film survives. Who will be the ultimate Final Girl? It’s time for #GrimSlasherMadness!

Fill out the bracket below and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to keep an eye out for our celebrity horror teams, who have taken the same challenge:

Download your bracket here: #GrimSlasherMadness Bracket.

Public voting on the first match-up begins Monday, May 14 at 11am EST!