Beware — it’s your turn to roll the dice!

Your Date Is Here is a short horror film from the creative writing/directing team of Todd Spence and Zak White, also known for the horror short Where Is It (2017).  At just over six minutes in length, Your Date Is Here makes the most of its short run-time to induce feelings of dread, with impressively scary results.


The film tells the story of a mother and daughter playing board games one night, with the daughter settling on the retro game Your Date Is Here!  The game requires them to receive pretend phone calls from potential dates using a toy phone. As the game goes on, the daughter begins receiving phone calls from a particular prospective suitor that are a bit unnerving, and the pair start to look over their shoulders and fear that they may not be alone.


I love that, when done right, a short horror film is capable of provoking the same visceral reactions that a feature-length film does. It’s even better when a short film leaves you wanting to see more.  Your Date Is Here succeeds at doing all of these things.

Who, or what, is the mystery date? You’ll have to check out Your Date Is Here to find out! Keep tabs on the film by following its Facebook page.