The Faculty of Horror

fachorThe Faculty of Horror is the podcast that actually inspired the creation of Anatomy of a Scream. While I’d grown up watching horror with my mom, I hadn’t really considered that there was space (or much of an audience) for feminist critiques or analyses of the genre outside of academia. Obviously, this sort of content is something that I would have devoured wholesale had I known about it (and I did, as soon as I learned about it through a chance meeting with one of the co-hosts at a New Years Eve party). If you’re not listening to this podcast, then you aren’t living your best life – it’s thoughtful, incisive, and academic while still being accessible and funny, and it covers a broad range of sub-genres and films. Hosts Alexandra West and Andrea Subisatti have each published books about the genre, and the latter is also the newly-crowned editor of Rue Morgue magazine and host of The Batcave.

The Girls In The Back Row


70 episodes in, TGITBR continues to deliver in-depth, film-nerd-level reviews and discussions about a variety of horror films. They often curate their reviews thematically, giving their podcast a seminar feel – one month you may learn a great deal about Italian horror, another may deliver a master-class on classic horror. Hosts Kate and Tab absolutely love film (especially horror), and you can definitely tell by the way that they talk about it. You can also hear Tab on the Test Pattern and 24 Frames Per Second podcasts. Watch horror movies – keep America strong!

Women In Caskets

avatars-000221846648-ntozed-originalWomen In Caskets dishes out strong opinions boisterously. The hosts, Jen Brown (voice actor for Rooster Teeth and DC Universe Online, among others) and Dawn Humphrey, are long-time friends who used to run a theatre company together, and their joyful camaraderie is as much a reason to listen to the podcast as their comprehensive discussions about horror films. Their podcast is defiantly feminist and queer-positive, and they’ve featured some fantastic guests on their show (including Macon Blair in a particularly great episode about Green Room).

Something Red

sr_1xWhile Something Red is only available to Bloody Good Horror patrons, you need only pledge $1 per month to gain access to this monthly horror literature podcast hosted by our very own CC! Something Red takes a look at dark, macabre, gory, and terrifying tales, often featuring interviews with authors or discussions with guest hosts. The podcast also hosts special events during the holidays – it’s well worth the price of 1/2 of a coffee per month! Curl up with a good podcast today!

The Rants Macabre

rantsLast, but definitely not least: though The Rants Macabre isn’t exclusively female-fronted (Hi, Darren!), it’s definitely a podcast offering academic, feminist content. Hosts Darren and Mindy often veer off into fascinating tangents involving the historical context of the films or concepts being covered. If you’re interested in music at all, you’ll love Mindy’s Music Corner, the occasional feature where accomplished singer and current Pedagogy post-grad Mindy flexes her Classical Voice degree and takes a deep dive into the music theory pertaining to the scenes being discussed (tritones, anyone?) They also both have great laughs, which is fortunate because their podcast is laugh-out-loud hilarious.

What is your favourite horror podcast?