Happy Pride 2017, everyone!

Pride is such a magical time of year, and not just because it’s a fantastic celebration of love, acceptance, and social justice. In terms of creativity and self-expression, it’s easily the equal of Hallowe’en. For horror fans, this year’s Pride celebration has an added bonus – the (much deserved) recognition of The Babadook as a beloved gay icon!

With The Babadook’s fame spreading outside of the horror community and into the mainstream, I started to wonder – how beloved IS The Babadook now?

More specifically, how would The Babadook fare on, say, Tinder?

There is only one way to find out! So, I set up a profile.



I decided to cast a wide net – in my hands, The Babadook was open to friendships, not just hook-ups, so I swiped right on everyone I could and then sat back and waited for the responses to stream in.

And waited.

And then waited some more.

Just when I was starting to get discouraged, the dam broke. I started getting matches left and right!



Apparently, people really are into dapper ghouls and German expressionism.

Some people asked some personal questions.


Some people weren’t really looking for The Babadook’s particular brand of charm.



Some people seemed just a little too prepared for hypotheticals.



My favourite conversation got a little combative, which actually seems perfect for The Babadook. I think he might be The One!




Love is in the air! Enjoy Pride weekend!