Rue Morgue has started to reveal the panels and attractions booked for the upcoming Dark Carnival (July 9-10 in Hamilton, ON), and it’s looking great so far. My personal list of highlights includes:

THE BLACK MUSEUM PRESENTS: PRIMATE PANIC!: Though experts and eyewitnesses continue to dispute the existence of Bigfoot, no one can deny that it has left its oversized footprints on pop culture and the history of horror film. Black Museum co-curators PAUL CORUPE and ANDREA SUBISSATI present a mini-lecture looking at Bigfoot’s evolution on screen throughout the 1970s as a creature of both mystery and fright in films.

CRYPTIC COLLECTIBLES: JAMES BURRELL, author of Cryptic Collectibles, and fellow Rue Morgue experts TAL ZIMERMAN and LAST CHANCE LANCE, host a show-‘n’-tell for horror fans, exhibiting and discussing the coolest pieces in their collections, and they invite you to do the same! Join us for an interactive look at the world of Cryptic Collectibles!

AN EAR FOR FEAR: Join EDWARD DOUGLAS of MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE in interview with Rue Morgue’s AARON VON LUPTON as the duo discuss the process behind creating a horror film score, favourite soundtracks, what makes an effective horror score, and trends in film scoring today.

HORRORWOOD NORTH: Learn about the extraordinary history and art of Canadian genre cinema with Horrorwood North author JAMES BURRELL, who hosts a look at the past, present and future of our own cinematic terror tales. Also features GEORGE MIHALKA, director of the original My Bloody Valentine, creator PAUL CORUPE, and filmmaker VIVIENO CALDINELLI (Portal to Hell).

BLOOD IN FOUR COLOURS: Join PEDRO CABEZUELO, author of Blood in Four Colours: A Graphic History of Horror Comics, and artist JUSTIN ERICKSON (Criminal Macabre, Ash and The Army of Darkness), to trace the macabre history of horror comics, from the early days of Batman and EC comics, to Swamp Thing and the monster revival in the ’70s, to Hellboy, The Walking Dead, Afterlife with Archie and beyond! Moderated by Rue Morgue’s ANDY BURNS.

THE FACULTY OF HORROR GOES BLOODBATH AND BEYOND!: Horror love goes viral with podcasts and YouTube channels! Join Faculty of Horror co-hosts ALEXANDRA WEST and ANDREA SUBISSATI along with Bloodbath and Beyond’s JAY BOND and JOHN LYLE to discuss Dark Carnival guests, the online world of horror and answer your questions!

Click here to check out the current list of attractions, panels, workshops, and screenings. They will be adding new information as the event draws closer, so give them a visit every week or so to see what’s new.

What are you most looking forward to?