Want to have your very own Lament Configuration puzzle? If you order now, you can have one by next October. Gorgeously designed in black and gold, this Hellraiser-themed Rubik’s cube is a fantastic addition to your memorabilia collection … whether or not you dare to play with it.


This facehugger balaclava is currently available for pre-order from Mondo Tees. It also ships in late September, just in time to start repping Ripley as the weather starts to cool. One size fits all humans.


If you like to freak yourself out before your morning coffee (and who doesn’t?), check out this Nightmare on Elm Street toaster, which emblazons each slice of bread with Freddy’s charming visage.


Last but not least: This one is definitely on my to-buy list. Lovers of the amazing Japanese horror masterpiece Hausu will adore this evil kitty mug. Whether you fill it with fake blood or Earl Grey, it’s still the best mug in your cabinet. Blanche forever – meow!