Virtual immortality, body modifications on-demand, painless cures for any injury, and a friendly AI catering to your every whim – what could possibly go wrong?

After aliens invade and conquer Earth, humans are forced to flee and colonize the rest of the solar system. The moon is transformed into a veritable underground utopia, but a terrible darkness lurks just below the surface. What becomes of people who live for too long without purpose? Jaded, gender-swapping tabloid journalist Hildy Johnson serves as both our guide and an answer to this question.

This incredibly engaging novel from brilliant, award-winning author John Varley ably tackles bleak issues such as existentialism, suicidal ideation, despair, and over-reliance on technology with a poignancy leavened by a deft comedic touch. It’s a creative, ambitious, and oft-hilarious exploration of humanity beset by devastating ennui, and with a page count of 566, it really takes the time to dig into its ideas.

Pairs well with: a light, Belgian-style wheat ale.

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